Wall Collage: Collecting Stories

True confession: I absolutely LOVE interior decorating. It’s the thing I get the most excited about when I move into a new place…really being creative in the process of sprucing it up and making it my own. My latest obsession is the wall collage. I’ve drooled over this concept via Pinterest for quite some time and finally decided it was time to experiment with this on my own. Here’s the wall collage I pieced together for our living room after we got married:

Untitled design

What I love about this idea is that each piece tells its own story, and the final result as a whole tells a larger chunk of our story as well. Granted, for aesthetics, there are a couple “filler” pieces here and there, but in general I think this has become a cool representation of our life together and the moments we’ve shared. I thought I’d highlight a couple pieces from our collection to share with you today.

Untitled design3

First, allow me to introduce, for the first time ever on The Messy Coffee Table, Luke the Puppy!

Untitled design4

So he’s not so much a puppy anymore, per se. Actually he’s a very hairy, almost 50lb lab/collie mix that my roommate Carla and I adopted together about three years ago. My husband Sebas is an artist, and as a gift to me one year he did this painting of Luke. As indicated by the TIE fighters and X-wing Starfighters in the background, Luke is indeed named after Skywalker himself. We found him up for adoption with two other puppies, a sister affectionately named Leia, and a brother, Leo (although I might have gone with Lando…).

Adopting a puppy was a bit ambitious, I’ll admit. Our apartment was small and I had only been raised with cats. But Carla and I quickly assumed our “dog mom” roles (are we a progressive family or what?) and Luke has been family ever since. He’s notoriously energetic, loves people, hates baths, and is the ultimate snuggler. When I got married and moved out, we were faced with a decision of who Luke was going to live with. Ultimately we decided that depending on where our respective homes would end up being, we would choose based on what was best for Luke at the time. So now, he’s with Carla, but thankfully not too far away so I can always visit and hang out, dog-sit while she’s away, etc. Plus, I have this awesome painting of him to see every day! I may not be housing him at the moment but I still have committed myself to caring for Luke in whatever way I can for his whole life (and I know Carla would say the same!).

Untitled design6

Another artist in my life is my sister-in-law, Tatiana. She painted this elephant for me and Sebas last Christmas. I am always so impressed by her creativity and thoughtfulness…that Christmas, she did paintings for pretty much everyone close to her, personalizing each one in a way that would mean the most to them. Sebas’s favorite animal is the elephant, and you can find several of them hiding throughout our decorating. This painting was the perfect addition! She also did a portrait of our sister-in-law’s two dogs, and for a close friend of ours who’s a huge Miami Hurricanes fan, she painted a bible verse using the iconic orange and green, framed by the infamous “U”.

And speaking of the ‘Canes…

Untitled design7

This has got to be one of my favorite pieces in this collage. A Christmas gift from my parents, this plaque commemorates the year the Miami Hurricanes played Duke University up in Durham, North Carolina, in what was probably the CRAZIEST college football game I have ever gotten to witness in person.

That’s right. In. Person. That friend I told you about before? Her name is Peggy, and she is amazing for a myriad of reasons, and for this game in particular I had the privilege of joining her, her brother, and his wife in North Carolina to see the University of Miami football team play Duke. This was the first and only away game I have ever seen the ‘Canes play, and I’m not kidding when I say it was a legendary finish. If you don’t already know what this plaque is referring to, I’m just gonna let the 2015 Hurricanes speak for themselves:

Miami 8-Lateral Touchdown Beats Duke on Wild Final Play

I get chills every time I watch that. The officiating in this game was horrendous to be sure, and the outcome was contested a thousand times over by sports critics and fans alike. But either way you spin it, the ‘Canes walked out with the W. It was spectacular to witness. Peggy and I even had our five seconds of TV fame that night:

A blurry snapshot sent to me by a friend watching the game on her TV

Last but not least, I have to mention another painting of my husband’s found in this collage:

Untitled design8

I think by now you can guess where the orange and green comes from (Go ‘Canes!). But this piece is particularly special to me. The fact that it’s my husband’s handiwork is one reason. This was one of the first pieces of art he ever made for me back when we were dating. I love that our initials are in different fonts and stand up against contrasting colors, slowly neutralizing and meeting in the middle where the cross stands, the largest and most intricate of the three panels. Sebas and I are very different people…when you hear people say that opposites attract, that couldn’t be more true for the two of us. Some days, I feel like we operate so differently that I just marvel at the way God brought us together, and is continually molding and shaping both of us to compliment each other and ultimately to glorify Him. Marriage can be messy, and I think we challenge and balance each other in a way only God could have known that we both needed, and that’s why I love this piece so much. It’s a reminder that we were brought together as a testimony to who Jesus is and how he changes lives and hearts through His love for us. I pray every day that this could be the focus and center of our marriage.

Untitled design2

I love stories. And I love when even interior decorating can be used to tell our story to the people we invite into our lives, into the mess. The collage isn’t at all perfect or symmetrical; it’s a little bit of organized chaos in the middle of our living room, bright colors popping off the wall unexpectedly, kinda like life is sometimes, and I just love it.

For some tutorials on how to create your own wall collage, you can check out a few helpful links on my Pinterest board. I think the best way to start is to simply gather together a few meaningful things you don’t want to get rid of but haven’t really found a place for (pictures, pretty greeting cards, old frames, etc.), and then start to dream up how you might display them together by playing around with the layout on the floor first. Then, fill in any gaps with cute discount art pieces or frames (I love Ross and T.J.Maxx for this!) and snap a picture on your phone for reference as you’re hanging things up. Voila! A bit of your own story becomes art.

Hope you have fun with this one! Leave a comment if you have questions or need anymore tips on how to do this. Also don’t forget to SHARE The Messy Coffee Table with your friends and family (there’s some handy little links below for that), invite them to like the Facebook page or follow me on Twitter.

Have a superbly creative rest of your week!

For God’s glory,



  1. Good work sister!! Thank you for the shout out 😉 I should create a little collage myself. My walls are looking too empty. I love you, fellow mrs. Cardona!

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