A Bunny Baby Shower

Baby Bunny

It’s an exciting time in our community because it seems like 2017 has been the year for babies. In the past 8 months I’ve had at least 9 friends in different parts of my life bring their new little ones into the world (including my nephew!) or announce their pregnancies, even one announcing she was to be a surrogate! It’s a little crazy these days, but all the cuteness that comes out of it is just a treat.

While making new humans is not in the stars for my husband and I quite yet, I am SO loving celebrating with everyone else. I even had the distinct pleasure of throwing a baby shower for my dear friend Juni about a month ago, who just had her first baby on September 15th! So in honor of the birth of little Zoe Lee-En Tan (AKA “Bunny”), I thought I’d share some little tips and tricks to throwing a sweet little gender-neutral, bunny baby shower!


Juni and her husband Nat decided to keep the gender of the baby a surprise until the birthday, so we went with a gender-neutral color scheme of peach and mint green, with gold and chalkboard accents. It felt springy without leaning too much into Easter-land, which is tricky with a bunny theme!


For the invitations, I used an app I’ve become OBSESSED with called Red Stamp. It’s totally free, and you can use it to text/email invitations, announcements, or even thank-you cards. Here’s our invitation:


This became the inspiration for our decor theme. For the base of decorations, Amazon and Party City became our friends. I found an awesome 47-piece decoration kit on Amazon for only $16.99 (find it here). My friend Carla and I we’re giggling at some of the instructions (or sometimes lack thereof) as we put everything together, but in the end, the pom-poms, tassels, and garlands all looked really cute!

A peak into the “chaos” part of creativity 😛


Photo booth tassels, featuring Ceci’s daughter Racky and my little nephew Levi!

Of course the crafty side of me had to DIY some things, so I also made a bunny garland to hang across the entrance window. I cut some bunny-shaped stencils, traced them onto peach and mint green scrapbook paper, glued little cotton balls to their butts (my favorite part) and used mini clothespins to attach them to some twine.

Bunny Brunch

The shower took place around 11am, so for food, we decided to do a pot-luck brunch! This was great because it took a huge load off of the planners and hosts (myself, Carla, and our lovely hostess Ceci). Check out our menu below! We provided the banana french toast (recipe to come soon!), yogurt bar, and parts of the drink station. The rest was filled in by our lovely guests!

Most of the chalkboards I had saved from our wedding reception. They’re great for hosting/entertaining!


Adorable cake provided by our awesome hostess, Ceci.

For the outdoor tablescape, I re-used some gold charger plates from our wedding, filled some mason jars I had been saving with handfuls of baby’s breath, and sprinkled them with peach and mint green confetti from Michaels. We also found this awesome Pastel and Gold Herringbone tableware from Party City that went perfectly with our theme. We completed the ensemble with some cute striped paper straws in mint green and gold.




One of my favorite parts of the shower was the baby picture guessing game. Before the week of the shower, we asked our guests who RSVP’d “yes” to submit a baby picture of themselves. I printed/cropped them all into 4×4 “Instagram”-like snaps, and used more mini-clothespins and twine to hang them in the window:


Guests were then given note cards and pens to write down their best guess as to which baby was which guest! As the planner I had all the answers beforehand, so we had tons of fun revealing them one by one at the end.

Our second game was a given, since the gender of Baby Bunny was still a mystery! I got a black foam board from Target and used my chalk marker (something I always keep around, since I have a chalkboard obsession) and washi tape to create this adorable gender-guessing game. I made smaller versions of the little paper bunnies, and provided thumb tacks for guests to pin their predictions to the board. Looks like the majority was right after all!!


As guests were leaving we also set up a little “thank-you” station, complete with advice cards, thank-you card envelopes to write their name/address on and little DIY party favor bags.

For the favor bags, I went to Michaels and got small brown paper bags, black gift tags, two rubber stamps, and black ink. I used more of the washi tape from the gender guessing board to add some color, and used my chalk marker and left-over twine for the tags.

I filled the bags with Hershey Kisses, and even found these cute little baby shower stickers to put on the bottoms (find them on Amazon, here).

Sweet Community


Overall, it was a sweet time celebrating our sweet friend and this new, amazing chapter in her life! We spent some time praying over her, and I was reminded again of just how grateful I am for our community and the amazing women that have come alongside us in our journeys.

Congratulations Juni and Nat, and welcome to the world little Zoe!!

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For God’s glory,


Photo credits to Peggy, Carla, and Ceci ❤

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