Game Day Eats: Turkey & Black Bean Chili

game day eats

Hey there friends. Hope you’re hungry today!! Fall is here and that means lots of hearty recipes abound…

I’ve talked before about my love for gathering around a table with people I love and eating delicious food together. On occasion, however, the gathering spot might be in someone’s living room, on couches, around a coffee table (imagine that), screaming at a television because….


It’s an exciting time to be a college football fan, ESPECIALLY for us Miami Hurricanes. We’re currently 6-0 and ranked 8th in the ACC, a pretty stellar 2nd season so far with our new head coach Mark Richt. Needless to say, we aren’t missing a single nail-biting game, including away games.

Which means, you can expect several in-home watch parties. Which means, there’s got to be lots of yummy FOOD. Times like these call for comforting meals that can feed a whole bunch of friends and pair nicely with a cold craft beer. This is one of those recipes.

This Turkey & Black Bean Chili (affectionately known as Peggy’s Turkey Chili in our circle) is tried and true. It’s one of those meals that never goes out of style, is perfect for parties and family gatherings, and since our friend Peggy started cooking it, has spread like wildfire amongst those of us who love to cook (and love to eat). Despite the long-ish ingredients list, it’s super easy to make and keeps really well (you definitely won’t be upset if there’s a lot of leftovers). I haven’t met a single person yet who didn’t love this dish.

Since I cook for pretty much just me and Sebas, I actually halved this recipe, so the portions you’ll see in all the pictures are HALF portions. Follow the full recipe (at the end of this post) to feed your next watch-party!

Let’s Get Cookin’

Get everything prepped first! Start by chopping, dicing, and mincing your fresh produce:

fresh produce png


Over medium heat, heat up your olive oil and stir in those veggies, letting everything simmer and soften.


Next, it’s time to really bring the heat…sprinkle in cumin and chili powder for a spicy flavor bomb!


Up next comes ground turkey and Worcestershire sauce…add to the pot and break up the meat, heating until the meat is cooked through.


Last but not least, bring it all together with chicken broth, salsa, black beans and tomato paste.


Stir everything together and allow to simmer. Reduce the heat and simmer for 45mins to an hour, until liquid reduces and the chili thickens.


Serve in bowls over rice (if desired). Top with sour cream and/or the shredded cheese of your choice (I used a four-cheese Mexican blend. Cheddar works great as well!). Pair with a bottle of your favorite craft beer for the ultimate game-day feast.


A Few Tips From My Kitchen

  1. Prep and portion everything before you even start heating your olive oil. That way everything is ready to go when it comes time to toss it in the pot. I’m obsessed with our glass nesting bowls for portioning out spices, sauces, and chopped produce (Find them here…they’re sturdy and you can use them for so many things. One of my favorite wedding gifts for sure!).
  2. Do remember to drain your black beans…this chili needs a lot of time to reduce and thicken, and all that liquid will only add to the time!
  3. You could let it simmer for longer than 45mins…honestly this is one of those dishes that gets better with the passage of time as everything continues to marinate together! Just be sure to reduce the heat to low before letting it stew.
  4. Lots of leftovers is a beautiful thing. This chili is great (and even better) for lunch the next day.
  5. For dessert, I recommend these tried and true Brownie Cookies.

Game on…GO ‘CANES!!!

Turkey Chili Recipe

For God’s glory,


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