Ephesians 6: The Armor of God

Ephesians 6

Welcome back to the 6th and final chapter of our Ephesians bible study. It’s been a long journey (mostly due to some tardiness on my part every now and then), but we’ve finally arrived at the culminating lines of Paul’s letter to the church in Ephesus. We left off in the middle of Paul reminding the Ephesians of what unity in the body of Christ looks like in practical ways. He finishes this thought in the beginning of chapter 6, and then continues on to one of my favorite passages of scripture in verses 10-20.

This passage in Ephesians 6 is special to me for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is this sermon below. A few months ago I was at the Passion Conference in Atlanta and in our last session, Priscilla Shirer gave a message on this very passage from Ephesians 6. Honestly there’s not much else I want to say except PLEASE WATCH THIS. It’s everything I want to say about this passage and then some. So I’m serious. Carve out about 50 minutes, get somewhere comfy and without distractions and listen to her message:


Paul finishes his letter to the Ephesians with this admonishment to be guarded with their faith at all times because our true battle, though there may be earthly ones, “is not against flesh and blood…” (Ephesians 6:12). Recall what Paul has been doing throughout this book: he’s spent over 5 chapters encouraging the church to remember who God says they are and to be unified under Christ. Why? Because the church is a spiritual army. And an army is at its best and at its strongest when it is unified under one cause.

Our lives are made new. Our calling is unity. Our enemy is real. But our cause is Christ. And spoiler alert, Christ wins (Rev. 11:15-17, Rev. 12:10-12, Rev. 21).

armor of god

Friends, I hope this journey through scripture together has been encouraging to you and helped you grow closer to the Lord as you get to know His Word better. It doesn’t end with Ephesians…let the journey continue as you engage with all other parts of scripture, allowing it to sink deep into your heart so that you are equipped with the Truth in the face of lies, with Righteousness in the face of temptation, with Peace in the face of uncertainty, with Faith in the face of fear, protected by Salvation and armed with His Spirit, His Word.

And above all things, pray. Communicate with the God that has equipped us with these things. Let your prayers align your hearts under Christ, so that as his Church, his Body, we may be aligned and unified with one another, ready for battle.


For God’s glory,


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