Grace and Gratitude

Grace & Gratitude

And suddenly, it’s November.

Another late-ish post because if I’m honest, my life has been on another level lately. I’m transitioning jobs yet again, I’ve got a nine month old puppy whom I’m obsessed with but lately makes me wanna tear my hair out, and to top it all off, I was rear-ended a couple weeks ago and let me tell you, I’ll be happy to never hear from an insurance company again.

But some really good things are also happening. Besides the new job, I’ve recently become a member of a worship leader coaching ministry called Worship Circle, which was founded as a way to pour into worship leaders all over the world and equip them musically and spiritually, delivering the much-needed message that “you are loved and not alone.” I’ve been so blessed by this community already and we are only a month or so into the term, and I cannot WAIT to see what God wants to show me through this season.

We’re taking a break this week from the Hebrews Bible study because, well, I need to. I’ll be honest, it’s been a struggle to try and carry everything lately, the good and the bad. I feel like there’s not enough time in a day and too much of it is taken up by the commute through Miami traffic as I try to accomplish everything…but I am praising God because through it all He is still surrounding me with voices that speak truth over the lies that I am not enough, not worthy, incapable…and I praise Him also because He IS capable, and carries me through each day. He is so good, and I am so grateful.

I’m learning in this crazy season that I am, as always, in deep need of grace. And not just the grace that comes from the Lord, but I need to show more grace to myself (which, incidentally, can only flow from grace received from the Lord). I realized this recently because, as I began my last week at my current job, I got sick to the point where I had to stay home for a couple days. And do you know what? I felt guilty. Can you believe that? I actually felt guilty for needing to take time off to take care of myself and get healthy.

On the flip side of things as the holiday season rapidly approaches, I found myself feeling like I don’t have enough. I spend a lot of time thinking about how our house is going to look when the family comes over for Thanksgiving, how I’m going to dress for our Christmas services at church, how perfectly wrapped and decorated I want everything to be. I’m already stressed out, truth be told. All because I have this vision in my head of perfection and this lie I’m believing that if I don’t attain it, I won’t be enough.

But when I do take the time to listen for what God is speaking into my life, I find more and more a call toward inward grace and outward gratitude. Grace because, simply put, I can’t do it all. And I’m not supposed to. He sustains me daily, and guides my steps towards the accomplishments that bring Him the glory, and not myself. Gratitude because, well, he DID it all. He covers all my sin and shame, and provides exactly what I need to get through each day, and reveals His heart to me through other people by giving me eyes to see the beauty that is hidden all around me.

The more we seek Him, the bigger His love gets, and the smaller our circumstances become.

Good and grateful

Maybe this is you. Maybe you also see the holidays looming ahead and you don’t know how you’ll make ends meet, or how the family dynamics will be when everyone gets together. Maybe you’re trying to carry everything and you’re just plain tired. Maybe the season ahead doesn’t excite you but makes you sad or lonely, because something or someone that’s usually there is missing.

Brothers and sisters, we can all show ourselves and each other a little more grace and gratitude in this season. Instead of trying to carry everything, take it to God, and share with someone what your load feels like, and invite them in to help you bear that burden, even if it’s just in prayer. Instead of feeling the void of what we don’t have, pray and give thanks to God for what He has given you, for the little things that do lift your spirits when the weight of the season feels heaviest.

And if you feel like you’re failing, or like you don’t have enough in you, ask God for the grace to forgive yourself and for words of truth about who you are to ring louder. You don’t have to carry everything. You don’t have to get everything perfect. None of that is required of you…but if we can be intentionally present with one another, and transparent about where our hearts are at, that weight will begin to lift. We need each other folks, especially now.

The Father is ready to bear your burdens and fill you with grace and gratitude. Take it all to Him. Rest in HIS accomplishments and not your own. I think you’ll find there’s a peace that comes with that, even if the chaos of life doesn’t quit. And when you find that peace, man it’s a beautiful thing.

I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving, wherever you are, and a beautiful beginning to this holiday season.


For God’s glory,



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